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  • Stuck, blocked, out of control?
  • Stressed out, overwhelmed?
  • Your life lacks zest, meaning, or purpose?
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  • You haven’t accomplished as much as you wanted?


  • Greater joy, peace, and happiness?
  • Greater abundance, success, and prosperity?
  • Greater confidence and courage?
  • To take your talents and skills to higher levels?
  • A deeper, more powerful faith?

LIFE is meant to be a GRAND ADVENTURE …… a journey of great and joyful

discovery.  It’s never too late to hit the trail and fulfill your dreams.

As your tour guide on life’s journey, I can help you achieve greater



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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D.   Hiring, motivating and keeping great support staff is increasingly difficult in today’s climate. Yet with the right game plan, the outcome is extremely hopeful.     Most employees don’t leave, nor do they stay, because of money. Likewise money is not a motivator. Rather, it’s a satisfier (or perhaps [...]

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Harry A. Olson, Ph.D. Suppose you hold 1,000 shares of AOL, which you bought at $5/share. The stock took off and reached $90/share. Recently it dropped to $12/share. Did you make or lose money? It all depends. If you say, “I bought in at $5; it’s worth $12: WOW, I made $7,000.” Bingo! You won. [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D. When I was a young pup in business, I once read a sales article that stated, “Henry Ford said, ‘Find a need and fill it.’ But a more productive strategy is to create a need and fill it.” The article went on to tout the sales benefits of that approach. [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D. Financial Planning is one of the most beneficial and rewarding professions there is. Yet increasingly, in this prolonged bear market and with continued pressures to sell, these rewards come with an increasingly high stress toll. Here are some facts you need to understand about stress and how it works, and [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D. Tiger Woods doesn’t have a coach. He has four. Opera star, Luciano Pavarotti has six coaches, and an Olympic athlete may have equally as many, each focusing on a different aspect of his or her game, including a mental coach who helps the athlete focus and keep the mind in [...]

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Using the “House Money Effect” To Help Clients Increase Investing

Harry A. Olson, Ph.D. Let’s say you went to Las Vegas with $100 of your hard-earned money to gamble. You hit the casino and before the night was over you walked off with $900. You made $800 from your wagering. You actually now have two kinds of money in your pocket: your initial “investment”, $100 [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D Human beings have been trying to figure that out since time began.   I’m no sage, but as I’m getting longer of tooth, I’ve been around the block a few times and picked up some ideas along the way. Here are some of them:   Everyone has some parts of [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D.   If someone were to ask you that question for real, how would you respond? Would you be shocked? Would you say, “Who, me?” Would you feel uncomfortable, not having a ready answer? Truth be told, the vast majority of us would say “yes” to these responses, if for no [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D.   After “I am” and “I care”, the next most powerful word-pair is “So what!” They are the magic words of liberation. One is truly free when one no longer fears the consequences. I’m not advocating terrorism, criminal activity, or riding roughshod over those you care about. Rather, I’m talking [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D.               I used to think that love was the greatest force on earth. Just think to what extremes people will go in the name of love! No gulf is too wide, no barrier is too high when we must help someone we dearly love. Lately, however, I have come to [...]

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By Harry A. Olson, Ph.D.


If someone were to ask you that question for real, how would you respond? Would you be shocked? Would you say, “Who, me?” Would you feel uncomfortable, not having a ready answer?

Truth be told, the vast majority of us would say “yes” to these responses, if for no other reason than no one has probably ever asked you that question before.

I’m asking it now – to you – for real!

Most of us don’t see ourselves a possessing “greatness” . . . nor “genius”, nor “creativity”, nor “brilliance”. Why?

Society has bamboozled us on this one. We have been conditioned to believe that only a very small percentage of the population possesses these qualities to any great degree.

Furthermore, society has also taught us to pay much more attention to our, and other’s, mistakes than to our successes. The result? We all carry around a much heavier bag of inferiority feelings than necessary. We have been conditioned to fear releasing our full potential. So we sell ourselves short on the things that matter most.

Greatness – Your Birthright

The human being was created for greatness. Look at the vast possibilities built into the human musculature and mind. The limits of our greatness don’t lie with our capabilities, but with our definition.

We all have the potential for greatness – in skills, in mind, in deeds. All too often, however, we don’t realize our true greatness because we don’t “see” ourselves as “great people” in any more than a vague pat-on-the-back sense. Our self-image says its not “natural” for us to be great.

We all have different, unique sets of skills, assets, talents, capabilities. It doesn’t matter if the playing field is unequal, because the expression of our greatness isn’t a competition.

We don’t need to be celebrities, or nationally or locally acclaimed heroes to be great. We just need to believe in ourselves, to do our part, to do our best with the strengths and talents at our command, to play well the hand we have been dealt. First, however, we need to know what those strengths and talents are.

An Exercise

Think about all your strengths, assets, talents, capabilities and write them down. Brainstorm. Don’t censor this list. Add to this list frequently. Note which of – and how – these strengths show up in your daily behavior, either in direct expression or behind the scenes (such as, you’re using your creativity when you come up with a good idea on the job.) Also list specific adversities or limits you have coped with or overcome.

Sometimes greatness comes from our strengths, and sometimes it comes as we rise to the occasion to meet positive or negative challenges. Sometimes it is born out of tragedy. Difficulties often teach us more important lessons than does success.

Pay particular attention to your adaptive strategies and overall character strengths which you used to cope with difficulties. Daily continue to collect all the “positive evidence” that you can. How you describe yourself impacts your self-image.

Once you have completed the list, take a few moments to relax, close your eyes and visualize yourself as a person of greatness. See yourself acting out your greatness qualities in some way, at work or in your family, or social life. See others benefiting from what you do. You may also choose to zero in on one strength or talent and set a goal to develop it further. Have fun!


This article has been reprinted from Harry’s 4th book, The 8 Keys To Becoming Wildly Successful & Happy.


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